Gabriel Chiodo


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The Overlooked Role of Stratospheric Ozone in forcing Northern Hemispheric climate (TORSO)

Funded by Swiss National Science Foundation (2019-2023).See SNF website and IAC website link

Funding: CHF 920.964

Role: Leading PI

PALEOmodeling from a STRATospheric Perspective (PALEOSTRAT)

Funded by MINECO Spanish Government (2016-2018).

Role: Collaborator

Frontiers of Earth System Dynamics (FESD)

Funded by US NSF (2013-2018). See website

Role: Collaborator

Towards a more complete assessment of the impact of solar variability on the Earth's climate (TOSCA)

European COST action ES1005, funded by the EU (2011-2015). See website

Role: Spanish Committee Member (MC)

Mechanisms modulating the Troposphere-Stratosphere coupling (MATRES)

Funded by the MINECO Spanish Government (2013-2015).

Role: Collaborator